Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A new land to discover!

Development has started on a new LARP!

Name is yet to be decided, but here are a few of the possibilities

  • War of the 5
  • Tales of Avayandria
  • The Shadow Era: Fall of Aya
  • Crown of Kings: Battle for Avayandria
  • Crown of Chains
  • Last of the Chevaak
  • Honour's demise
  • The Death of Chivalry: The Siege of Jur'Uketh
  • Aya's Chosen: Exodus
The new LARP is set in a fantasy land known as Avayandria (in the native tongue it means 'Homeland of those faithful to Aya)

Map of Avayandria:

There is only one playable race, humans.
there are 8 'factions' to join which determines what your capabilities are and how much gold you start with.

The Houses of Avayandria:

House of Serin:

The Current royal family and descendants of the first Avayandrian King Mithras, these northerners worship the element of light, and are the chief defenders of the goddess Aya. Faith and courage is their defence, Aya favours the brave. Members of the House of Serin are the best Paladins and Priests of all Avayandria. The Serin family have a lot to live up to, and a lot of pressure on them to deliver the Avayandrian people to victory, once the richest family in the known world the House of Serin now stand close to bankruptcy, much of their gold, prominent family members and halls lost to the barbarian invaders.

House of Yal'Kirath:

Descendants of the first Chevtaaki King, Chev'Kirath, the most ruthless and unforgiving of all the great houses in Avayandria, the house of Yal'Kirath worship the destructive force of Fire. Ambitious and begrudging the members of this house often raid and destroy foreign villages, rival's villages, neutral villages, travelling caravans and Inns that don't give the House of Yal'Kirath a discount. Yet when Avayandria needs them they are the first to answer the call to war, bloodthirsty and keen to impress the House of Yal'kirath are excellent Sorcerors and Berserkers.

House of Tyorak:

Descendants of the kings of D'landria the House of Tyorak ride from the east of Avayandria, on the eastern winds they fly, skilled archers and corsairs the House of Tyorak revere the wind above all else and despite their generally rough appearance, they , troublesome but loyal the House of Tyorak are ones to watch.

House of Potenit:

Descendants of the kings of Potenia and Palitonia the house of Potenit revere the element of earth and trust in the strength of a shield or fortress wall, they were the last defenders of Jur'Uketh in the Swords Era when the D'landrians besieged the great city. They are the best Vindicators and Warriors in the land.

House of Bulgruum:

The house of Bulgruum are descendants of the kings of Forizar, the southern deserts and coastline, they worship the element of water, source of all life. The House of Bulgruum are keen sailors and excellent swimmers. The house of Bulgruum are the best merchants and are keen political activists, pushing for their own ideas to be heard by the king making them the best Magistrates.

Barbarian clans:


Charging across the eastern border these barbarians love nothing more than to slay their enemies face to face, they make excellent Warriors and Berserkers.


Yrrhinics are the western clans that charge through Tol'Nodar towards the capital, so far the most successful of the invaders the Yrrhinics are well versed in the ways of magic and stalwart defence, the Yrrhinics are the most civilised of the invaders. They make the excellent Sorcerers and Vindicators.


Halorrfs are the sea peoples who raid and sometimes trade from the south, using their well built ships to out manoeuvre the Avayandrian navy they evade the army and strike the common man, well known to be excellent Corsairs and shrewd Brokers.

The classes are what determine your stats, further details of classes and abilities will be posted in the next few weeks including information on 'specialisation' benefits, and weapon specific skills/effects

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