Thursday, 4 October 2012

New tool added

Added a new tool to the broken history page on the website, Character Gen tool!

Choose a faction and click the button, your starting wealth, claim to the throne character effects and standing in society will be listed before you don't like the result? Reset and try again!

The tool generates a character out of the following 6 social classes present in Broken History:

  • Peasant - lowest class, poor.
  • Bourgeois - peasant but rich.
  • Minor Noble - Low ranking noble, poorer than the other nobles.
  • Prominent Noble - Rich noble.
  • Ancient Royal Line - Once this family ruled the land, now they have lost it, but remain within nobility carefully watching for signs of weakness in the monarchy.
  • Current Royal Family - A member of the Monarch's close family and highest ranking nobles in the land, rich, influencial and not to be trifled with.

This tool is intended to help you do two things:

  1. Get a grips on the different character starting types, including available funds advantages and disadvantages.
  2. When the official campaign starts each player will roll their character using this tool or via dice roll (Tool is the preferred option)

See it here!

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