Tuesday, 11 December 2012

December update: DS 3.2, BH campaign, Aya's Chosen.


A quick update on how things are running with my games:

Broken history -

Version 1.0 is released and errors/issues have hopefully been smothed out, play is due to start in the new year.
Rundown of current players on each faction (players who may or may not participate are in brackets)
Leontrois: Ben, Dave
Saxathia: Liam, Matt M
Hellios: Mav, Will, (George)
Drakon: Matt L, (Pedro, Ryan)

Province ownership will soon be decided.

Darker skies -

After weeks of development 3.2 is almost ready to be released! A universal restart is required unfortunately but the new improvements and overhauls to large parts of the game this is the most comprehensive patch since 2.5.
Co-conspiritor Will Bennett is behind some of the most interesting new additions including many of the planet-side vehicles that have been added in the new patch.
Here is an overview of the new additions and edits(that I can remember):

  • Penalties for Overuse/failing to cast magic have now been officially defined
  • Ammunition has been added properly into the system (despite it being used since 2.7)
  • The to hit system has changed slightly, weapon accuracy is now out of 5 rather than 10 meaning that it will be easier to hit fast craft, this was also done to match up to the planet-side vehicle hit system.
  • Planet-side vehicles(Walkers, Crawlers and Flyers), equipment and upgrades have been added and costed.
  • Additional weapons have been added for increased character diversity, new spears and shotguns.
  • Athlete class has been replaced with the new 'Adventurer' class (retaining the same class advantage and disadvantages).
  • Class levelled abilities have been added to the system (based on the scribblings I made for the lost 2.9 rule-set)
  • The cost of some weapons has changed - Pulse rifle was 3650 and is now 3600, Lightning Glaive was 3600 and is now 3550 and the Sniper rifle was 3550 and is now 3500
  • The Phaze claw effect has been properly defined (it was implied and roleplayed before but never specified in the rule-set) - On hit, roll d6, on the roll of a 4+ half your target’s speed(rounded up) next turn.
  • Faction descriptions have been changed and increased in depth, a new faction has been added 'The Foxnet Syndicate'
  • The 'Turn into a captain' option on each race has been removed and a new section has been added called 'Retainers' which essentially replaces the captain upgrade with a more detailed and useful option.
  • The BHI table has been updated to reflect the ships added in 3.0
  • The shield and hull mechanics have been explained, the Hull mechanic was overhauled
  • New shield and hull types have been added
  • Vim abilities will be displayed (they were previously missing from the rule-set.)
  • The rule-set has had a massive layout and formatting change to make it easier for the players and GMs alike.

Aya's Chosen: Honour's End (Working title) - 

Development schedule has been decided release of the ruleset is due for March 2013 this date may change depending on how the development goes and the weather when I need to playtest the system.
Each clan and house has been given a toke colour, players must represent this in their clothing, hair and now in their warpaint:
Tribal facepaint has been created for each clan and house.

Serin -

Potenit -

Yal'Kirath -

Bulgruum -

Tyorak -

Yrrhinic -

Haloorf -

Voltraag -

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