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A little about me, and the games I've designed

Hi, I'm Maverick, but my real name is Tom.
I design and create games, not computer games(yet), games that can be played either on your dining room table or out in the fields.
Kiron Games is the name I use for the collection of games I have created since my first completed game 'Darker Skies' was completed in mid 2007.
All current versions of the games I create are free to use simply because none of them are published, and they are still in development, you can request a downloadable copy directly from me or visit the 'good old' Kiron games website.

The games I have created so far are as follows:

Darker Skies -

First game I created, it's a tabletop RPG with a difference, players are the captain of a spaceship and have a crew, and later on a fleet to command. Players can travel between space stations and worlds acting on what lies around them the current version is 3.0 and is due for bug fixing and patches in the next few weeks (I'll keep you updated). 
Darker skies has many kinds of game-play, including space combat, a trading and economy system, political structure that players can interact with, and the potential to be hired as an assassin (or become the target of one)  ground assault missions and your classic RPG, NPC dialogues, quests and dungeons. There are several factions which players can choose to join which offers them protection, a wage and access to faction equipment and star-ships, but restricts who they can and can't kill, trade with or have aboard their ship.
The races in Darker skies are very diverse, with 14 distinct species and a total of  42 sub-species! 
If you are interested in playing Darker skies and you live in or around North Devon (England) then get in contact with me as I usually run weekly gaming sessions. 
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Broken History - 

When I'd finished DS(Darker Skies) 1.0 my creative juices were still flowing so riding the wave of imagination I decided to make another tabletop game.

Broken History is not essentially an RPG but more a battle strategy game with a few additional benefits for the veteran players, units that survive battles(battle ends and they have at least 50% of their original men left) gain experience which can add to their stats and make them stronger. The cost of soldiers is measured in Gold Pieces, at the start of a battle you are given a certain amount of gold pieces (depending on game type) with which to purchase an army, you can gain more gold pieces as you progress in the game by slaying enemy heroes, winning battles and completing secondary objectives during the battle, this gold can then be used in certain game types.
The size and skill of your army in most game modes depends on the additional gold you have personally accumulated, but when playing against newer players there is a gold 'cap' which prevents new players fighting armies that cost 4x the starting gold etc.
In campaign games all leftover gold from the starting gold in a battle (e.g. 500 gold, spent 480 on the army, 20 gold remaining) is carried along to the next battle.

Darker Skies LARP -

 Many of my friends are LARPers and I myself attend LARPS as much as I can. I was sitting around one day with my friend will and he said 'You could make a much better system' and so I started work on DS LARP that very evening, the aim was to:
  • Stay with the Darker skies universe including lore, weapons and magical abilities as much as possible.
  • Include the same racial benefits converted from d6s to physical actions.
  • Make the progression system more about the actions you perform rather than the number of times you have been to an event.
  • Make it fun for both people who are fond of combat, and those who are not
Version 1.0 is still under construction, and I'm planning play-tests soon.
I have managed to encompass many of the popular elements from the Darker skies tabletop with the exception of space based combat which was one of the main things I was aiming to achieve. 
Player abilities are divided into three sections: Muscle, Magic and Tech. 
this is to represent their aptitude on those three subjects and to represent their natural ability inherited from their species.
Players gain Ability points in these three schools by performing actions associated with that school, for example if a large boulder had trapped a native tribesman lifting the boulder to free the native would gain you muscle points, using magic to lift the boulder would gain you magic points and using a machine or explosives to deal with the boulder would earn you tech points, these points are decided by the referees and given to the players at the end of the event, unlike many systems there are no points for just 'turning up' so it encourages people to get more involved with the roleplay aspect and to perform actions more enthusiastically.

Clasp LARP (The Warrior Spirit)

In the same year I created Darker Skies my mind was overflowing with good ideas, many of which I wrote down, one of them was for an action based MMORPG that allowed players previously unheard of freedoms to shape their characters and the world around them. I called this game Clasp - The Warrior Spirit, can't remember why but it does sound rather good.
After the success of Darker skies 1.0 and the development of Broken history, combined with the lack of programming knowledge I had back then Clasp was sadly given a back seat and forgotten about, until 2009 when I started work on the DS LARP, when going through my old notes for some information on the original explanations of magical spells I came across my scribblings of Clasp, the 6 deities, the 10 races and it made me want to continue the development. 
After a few days of thinking I came the conclusion that for a single person to create, run and release a working MMO game of that complexity would take a lot more time and know how than I had to spare and so I used the ideas and created a new project, The Clasp LARP system.

Small note:
If anyone would like to publish one of my games I'd be happy to make a deal with them however I would continue to develop my games and use them freely to my discretion, plus if you're making money out of it I'd love to get in on that action, would help towards the development of my ideas. 
There will possibly be a cost to attend a DS or Clasp LARP to cover the cost of hiring the venue and purchasing the equipment. (after play-testing has been completed)

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